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Posted by Dave on 26th February 2010

Picks for the weekend Super League Round 4

Last weekends picks started well getting the Leeds result bang on, then it all went down hill so we'll try again shall we.

Wigan to beat Catalan by 16 – should be easy enough for Wigan this one at home to the travelling Dragons.

Hull to beat Quins by 8 – Not sure if Long is back or not? Anyone? regardless Hull should win this one the presence on Long will just tell by how much. Interestingly no one has backed Quins so far on the last tackle predictor league.

Salford to lose to Bradford by 8 – Salford are surely an early contender for wooden spoon and I can't see them picking up points against a Bradford team who are still looking to make right some early season hiccups.

St Helen to lose to Wakefield by 2 – My completely bonkers pick of the weekend.

Cas to beat Hull KR by 6 – Both teams didn't have the best games last time out but I think Cas are the stronger of the two and at home should win this.

Huddersfield to beat Warrington by 6 – Both looking good so far this season, Warrington's team still seems too dependant on Briers and I think Huddersfield for this.


And of course the big game – Leeds v Melbourne. Leeds to compete for 60 minutes then the Storm to run off with it.

Posted by Dave on 24th February 2010

Everybody wants to be Ellery Hanley

Welcome back to our mid week feature where I Photoshop an oversized picture of Ellery Hanley's face onto some unsuspecting rugby player and ask you who it is. Post your answers / wild guesses in the comments!

(I promise next weeks won't be a Leeds player)

For those who didn't get last weeks it was of course Aussie legend Darren Lockyer.

Last weeks image was from

Posted by Dave on 23rd February 2010

Crusaders on the right lines with Union hunt

Nearly forgotten I'd written this! Talking about Crusaders rumoured move for Welsh Union legend Gareth Thomas on last tackle.

Posted by Dave on 22nd February 2010

Monday Mastermind Quiz XXII – The World Club Challenge edition

Quite simple this is the quiz before the world club challenge so it's all about the world club challenge. Post your scores in the comments ladies and gents.


1. Who's playing CV? (1997 – 2006)

Hull FC – Gold Coast Chargers – Melbourne Storm – Leeds Rhinos – Bradford Bulls

A bonus point if you can tell me why he's in the world club challenge quiz.

2. Who's this? (This is from 2004 when Bradford beat Penrith)

3. Name the teams  (as usual 1 point for each)

Click to enlarge it

4. 3 teams have made the final and never lost, a point for each.

5. How many times has the game been played outside of the UK?

6. How about a point for each ground it's been played at outside the UK. (you can still have a point if you only get the city)

14 points on offer and if you do your maths you can work out the answer to number 5 from that.

How did you find it? Post your scores in the comments.


Posted by Dave on 19th February 2010

Picks for the weekend Super League Round 3

Not a bad weekend last week with 5 out of 7 results correct picking Crusaders win over Salford and The Wildcats win over Leeds.

So this week shapes up like this

Leeds to beat Salford by 12 – Salford simply aren't good enough and Leeds to lose 3 in a row?!

Bradford to lose to Cas by 2 – Will be close but a win for the Tigers here.

Catalan to beat Saints by 1 – My crazy pick of the round, travelling Saints may just get pushed out or they could turn my prediction on it's head and batter the Dragons.

Warrington to beat Wigan by 18 – The Wolves are looking strong and at home.

Crusaders to lose to Hull by 4 – Crusaders will be strong at home but Hull are looking good early this season.

Hull KR to beat Huddersfield by 8 – KR at home have to be favourites and I can see them running a few extra tries in.

Posted by Dave on 17th February 2010

Everybody wants to be Ellery Hanley

Well we kicked this off to a lot of server issues last week so hopefully this will work out better. For those who didn't get last weeks  it was of course Leeds skipper Kevin Sinfield.

So I ask you who wants to be Ellery Hanley this week? Think you know the answer? Leave a comment.

Everybody wants to be Ellery Hanley



Last weeks picture was from BBC Sport

Posted by Dave on 15th February 2010

Monday Mastermind Quiz XXI

It's back – Hell yeah! Test your rugby league knowledge.

1. Who's playing CV?
(1999 to present)

North Sydney  – Northern Eagles – Bulldogs – Sydney Roosters – Hull FC

2. Who's this?

Picture from Flickr


3. Name the teams
One point each (image from Foxsports)


4. What is the name of the Wrexham stadium where Welsh Super League team The Crusaders are playing their home games this year?  

5. Who was the last team besides Saints and Leeds to contest a Super League grand final? (bonus point: what year?)

6. Who sponsors the NRL?



Posted by Dave on 12th February 2010

My picks for the weekend – SL round 2

To be honest the way everything is going so far I'd be just as well pulling these out of a hat.

Wigan to beat Hull KR by 6 – Could go either way this one but I think Wigan at home will just edge it.

Hull to beat Huddersfield by 16 – Hull are off to a good start and I think they'll carry on against Huddersfield.

Salford to lose to Crusaders by 2 – It won't be a nice game but I think the Crusaders could grab their first points of the season with some good goal kicking.

Cas to beat Warrington by 4 – Could you ask for a better game after both teams performances last week? Cas to sneak this one due to home advantage.

Harlequins to lose to Catalan by 4 – I think Quins are in for a struggle and Catalan are a better team even travelling.

Bradford to lose to Saints by 10 – Don't expect Saints to sit back after last weeks shock defeat, I think they'll be looking to put things straight against Bradford.

Wakefield to beat Leeds by 4 – Leeds with one eye on the world club game will want to get some momentum going but could be caught out by a good Wakefield performance.


What do you think for this weekend? It was quite interesting to see that most people had Saints winning last week and not one person picked Cas to beat Leeds, hardly surprising though I guess.

Posted by Dave on 10th February 2010

Everybody wants to be Ellery Hanley

Welcome to the new season at Fifth and Last and we have a new feature – wahey!

Everyone knows Ellery Hanley; once voted the greatest British Rugby League player he even did some dancing on ice (which is way better than any other dancing, in your face Martin "ballroom" Offiah) So everybody would of course love to be Ellery Hanley.

Well thanks to my wizzer photoshop skills some famous faces from Rugby League will be getting the chance, you just have to tell me who they are – in the words of Alexander the meercat – simples.

So for week one, who is this Ellery Hanley wanna be? – answers in the comments please ladies and gentlemen.

Who wants to be Ellery Hanely this week?

Posted by Dave on 4th February 2010

It looks different

It does indeed, with the season having kicked off I had intended to get the new site up and running but I got bogged down doing work that pays me (

So I've moved the site over to the brilliant WordPress platform and I've slightly modified a nice theme ( and I've got all the old content in.

So while I sort out formatting all the old content properly I'm hoping to continue to develop the site's new look whilst being able to carry on posting. I shall speak to you all soon and there shall hopefully be a new feature for next week and a continuation of an old one!