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Posted by Dave on 30th March 2009

Monday Mastermind Quiz VIII

It’s Monday again so it’s quiz time (I know I posted this on Tuesday last week but the past’s the past and all)

On with this weeks quiz.
1. Who’s playing CV?
Hull FC – Gold Coast Chargers – Melbourne Storm – Leeds Rhinos – Bradford Bulls
2. Who’s this flipping tyres?
who is it
3. Name the teams
A point for each
name the teams
Manly slumped to a third straight defeat this week, but what is the record for longest losing streak in the NRL? and a bonus point for each of the three teams who share the record.
Which Super league player was sidelined by an insect bite earlier this week?
The Co-operative National League 1 was formerly known as what?

Answers after the click 

Scroll down!

10 points up for grabs!
1. Marcus Bai
2. Andrew Johns (image
3. Penrith and Manly 
4. 13 games – South Syndney Rabbitohs 2006, Newcastle Knights 2005, North Queensland Cowboys 2008
5. Lee Smith of Leeds Rhinos
6. Northern Ford Premiership
Posted by Dave on 27th March 2009

Tipping Baby NRL 2009 Round 3

Tipping baby is having a little unsteady start to the season with 3 from last week, still plenty of time to start getting it right.
Friday, 20 March 2009
Brisbane v Melbourne
South Sydney v Parramatta
Saturday, 21 March 2009
North Queensland v Wests
Penrith v Canterbury
St George/Illawarra v Gold Coast
Sunday, 22 March 2009
Canberra v Sydney Roosters
Manly v New Zealand Warriors
Monday, 23 March 2009
Cronulla v Newcastle

This weeks round up after the click

Friday, 27 March 2009
Gold Coast v Canterbury
Wests v Sydney
Saturday, 28 March 2009
New Zealand Warriors v Brisbane
North Queensland v Melbourne
Parramatta v Canberra
Sunday, 29 March 2009
South Sydney v Newcastle
St George/Illawarra v Cronulla
Monday, 30 March 2009
Manly v Penrith
Posted by Dave on 27th March 2009

Super League Predictions Round 7

Well just enough time to finish off the week with the weekends predictions.

Last week was spectacular and quite possibly the worst tipping week by anyone ever – yes all wrong! Sitting me back around the 50% mark overall.

Friday, 20 March 2009
Hull v Castleford
Salford v Wigan
St Helens v Leeds
Saturday, 21 March 2009
Catalans Dragons v Bradford
Sunday, 22 March 2009
Celtic Crusaders v Wakefield
Huddersfield v Harlequins RL
Warrington v Hull KR
This weeks tips after the click and hopefully a better week than the last.

Friday, 27 March 2009
Leeds v Catalans Dragons
Wakefield v St Helens
Wigan v Huddersfield
Saturday, 28 March 2009
Harlequins RL v Hull
Sunday, 29 March 2009
Castleford v Bradford
Hull KR v Salford
Warrington v Celtic Crusaders

Posted by Dave on 26th March 2009

Mid Week Read

Well it certainly was a shock at the weekend to find out about Wakefield player Leon Walker who collapsed and died during a reserve game, especially after the club lost Adam Watane so recently to a shock heart attack as well.

And below is the usual links – opening in new windows as usual.
And from the Wigan article
The decision to change the name of the ground continues a trend of football clubs exploiting the commercial potential of companies sponsoring their stadia”

I just want to check here but isn’t having your ground called “The JJB stadium” already exploiting commercial potential?

Posted by Dave on 23rd March 2009

Monday Mastermind Quiz VII

Right this isn’t going well, I meant to put this together yesterday but got side tracked by being nice to my mum for the day and having a few drinks, and this evening I have managed twice to accidentally delete the quiz before posting it!

Anyway here goes nothing, enjoy
1. Career Path
Who’s coaching CV?
Parramatte Eels – Wigan Warriors – Auckland Warriors – Wigan Warriors – London Broncos – France National team
2. Who’s scoring here?
who is it
3. Name the teams
name the teams
 Which country has fifteen regional administrative districts of which 5 are –
Coastline, Northland, Southland, Tasman and West Coast?
(I’ll be impressed if you can name the other ten, go on then a point for each)
Who recently became the NRL’s top points scorer of all time?
And who holds that record in Super League? (bonus point for getting the number of points as well)

Answers after the click plenty of bonus points up for grabs totalling 18 points for grabs

Scroll down!

1. John Monie
2. Cory Paterson scoring for the Newcastle knights this weekend – (image
3. Salford City Reds and Oldham from Feb 2008 (image from the Oldham Advertiser)
4. They are all part of New Zealand Rugby League – the other 10 are
Auckland, Bay of Plenty, Canterbury, Taranaki, Waikato, Wellington, Gisbourne, Hawkes Bay, Manawatu, Otago, 
5. Hazem El – Masri 
6. Andy Farrell is Super League’s top scorer with 2228 points
Posted by Dave on 20th March 2009

Super League Predictions

Well with last weeks results my tipping percentage is slowly creeping up now sitting on 63% (yes I’m rounding up from 62.8) and another good round of Super League fixtures coming up. 
Warrington are looking to dig themselves out of this early season slump, but I just can’t see where that win is coming from, and Saints are looking to beat Leeds apparently “in revenge for that grand final loss”. I think that’s over stating it slight so early in the season but it is still an important game for both and if Saints do pull off a win then Hull will be looking to consolidate the top spot.
Anyway last week looked as follows
Friday, 13 March 2009
Leeds v Wigan
St Helens v Salford
Saturday, 14 March 2009
Castleford v Huddersfield
Harlequins RL v Warrington
Sunday, 15 March 2009
Bradford v Hull
Hull KR v Celtic Crusaders
Wakefield v Catalans Dragons

And this week is after the click.

Friday, 20 March 2009
Hull v Castleford
Salford v Wigan
St Helens v Leeds
Saturday, 21 March 2009
Catalans Dragons v Bradford
Sunday, 22 March 2009
Celtic Crusaders v Wakefield
Huddersfield v Harlequins RL
Warrington v Hull KR

Posted by Dave on 19th March 2009

Tipping Baby NRL 2009 Round 2

Last weeks tipping went very much like this 
Friday, 13 March 2009
Brisbane v North Queensland
Melbourne v St George/Illawarra
Saturday, 14 March 2009
Canterbury v Manly
Cronulla v Penrith
New Zealand Warriors v Parramatta
Sunday, 15 March 2009
Gold Coast v Newcastle
Sydney Roosters v South Sydney
Monday, 16 March 2009
Wests v Canberra
Not great but having started this tipping thing myself this season I think that the first week is a difficult one. This weeks round up of tips after the click.

Friday, 20 March 2009
Brisbane v Melbourne
South Sydney v Parramatta
Saturday, 21 March 2009
North Queensland v Wests
Penrith v Canterbury
St George/Illawarra v Gold Coast
Sunday, 22 March 2009
Canberra v Sydney Roosters
Manly v New Zealand Warriors
Monday, 23 March 2009
Cronulla v Newcastle

Posted by Dave on 19th March 2009

The Mid Week Read

I am still maintaining Thursday is mid week, in fact it’s bang on mid week it’s just not mid working week. Anyway as the NRL kick’s off and the players show they can still entertain and all that drinking has just caused trouble off the pitch the girls at Errol are conducting an experiment to see if hotter players or just being plain awesome players are better.

I could have filled it with a lot more stories of people being drunk and acting daft, where would the fun in that be? Maybe when someone has to get the coastguard because they got stuck in a pedlo I’ll post one.

Posted by Dave on 16th March 2009

Monday Mastermind Quiz VI

Quiz numero six, enjoy ladies and gentlemen

1. Career Path
Warrington  – Leeds – Bradford – Featherstone
2. Who’s this playing volleyball? (a clue he’s not in Yorkshire I know the weather looks similar)
who is it
(Sadly I’ve been on hotaussiefootyplayerstopless again for this picture, it’s degrading for a straight man I know and it has most certainly been deleted from my browsing history) 
3. Name the teams
name the teams
Which country do Treat City Titans play their rugby in?
Warrington slumped to a 60 – 8 defeat to Harlequins this week but what is the clubs record defeat and who inflicted it in January 1996?
John Cartwright has been appointed City Origin coach, which English club did he play for during his playing days?

Answers after the click 8 points up for grabs this week

Scroll down!

1. Iestyn Harris
2. Bill Slater
3. Sydney Roosters and Brisbane Broncos
4. Ireland
5. Warrington lost 80 – 0 at home to St Helens
6. Salford
Posted by Dave on 13th March 2009

Super League Predictions

Well Super League time again and I think I’m getting better at this (famous last words) with last week results pushing me up to a 60% average.

Friday, 06 March 2009
Huddersfield v Hull
Salford v Harlequins RL
Saturday, 07 March 2009
Catalans Dragons v Castleford
Celtic Crusaders v St Helens
Wigan v Bradford
Sunday, 08 March 2009
Hull KR v Wakefield
Warrington v Leeds

So this weeks set of predictions after the click and whilst I doubt anyone will match the mighty Widnes’ 70 – 0 destruction of Tolouse we should still have a good weekend of rugby ahead.

Friday, 13 March 2009
Leeds v Wigan
St Helens v Salford
Saturday, 14 March 2009
Castleford v Huddersfield
Harlequins RL v Warrington
Sunday, 15 March 2009
Bradford v Hull
Hull KR v Celtic Crusaders
Wakefield v Catalans Dragons