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Posted by Dave on 27th September 2009

Club call, all rather predicatable

Well I got up this morning and planned to put my prediction for the club call on here but the site was down again, it’s one of many issues that have plagued fifth and last this year but as we near the end of the season there’ll be plenty of work going on during the close season to ensure we’re back better than ever next year.

Onto the club call, had I managed to put a post up this morning I would have been revelling in a correct prediction right now as, I’m sure, would most other people who looked at the possibilities.

  • Catalan having to travel again from the south of France are surely a better prospect to play than Wigan coming over the Pennines.
  • Saints and Wigan should be a massive draining game for both teams leaving whoever gets through possibly with some injuries but certainly with some tired tired players.

And so with the gimmick of the club call out of the way we can get on with the rugby and look forward to a greulling Saints – Wigan derby and also see if the minnows of Catalan can overturn the mighty Leeds!

Posted by Dave on 17th September 2009

Sorry I went off again

Sorry guys, was away briefly, should probably tell you before I go. Anyway I still managed to watch Widnes v Whitehaven in a pub, on my own, getting strange looks for cheering as I appeared to be one of only 3 people in the pub watching.
Still glad to get a result and hoping we can march on to the final.

I was also shocked when talking to a guy down at the Union club I play at (boo hiss I know, I’m only there for the drinking and there aren’t any easily accessible league clubs nearby). I’m known to refer to Union as the amateur game and said something about that and he replied
“Weird how you say that when it’s the other way round”
Me : “What?”
Him : “Well Union being professional and League being amateur”
Me: “er no League is professional”
Him: “Oh right, how long for? like 10 years?”
Me: “Nope since about 1895”

I’m sure there are many of you thinking really you should have given him a slap, I’m shocked that people outside of Rugby League, especially someone involved with the other code wouldn’t know that! Still I’ll put it down to being as thick as Jade Goody and move on.

Posted by Dave on 4th September 2009

Tipping Baby presents tips for NRL round 26 2009

Well I missed Tipping Baby last week due to the vid being posted on youtube so late. But still here we are for the last weekend – tips in the video and round up after the click as usual.

Friday, 04 September 2009
St George/Illawarra v Parramatta
Wests v Canterbury

Saturday, 05 September 2009
Cronulla v South Sydney
Manly v Gold Coast
New Zealand Warriors v Melbourne

Sunday, 06 September 2009
Brisbane v Canberra
Newcastle v Penrith
Sydney v North Queensland

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Posted by Dave on 2nd September 2009

NRL rebranding

Well in the light of all the trouble off the pitch in the NRL this year they're considering re branding even going so far as to change the name of the league.
I'm not sure how much it'll do to distance the NRL from the troubles of this season but for a competition that spans Australia and New Zealand it may be worth re branding at least to take notice of that fact.

But back to the naughty boys and Foxsports lists a long list of recent NRL trouble makers (,8659,26015385-5018866,00.html)

  • Setaimata Sa slapped his girlfriend during an alleged rampage which led to his arrest on Sunday night.
  • Manly fullback Brett Stewart banned for four weeks for getting intoxicated at the club's season launch before being arrested for alleged sexual assault
  • Former Cronulla five-eighth Greg Bird being found guilty of glassing his girlfriend last year
  • A 2002 group-sex scandal involving Cronulla players being revisited that eventually cost former Sharks five-eighth Matthew Johns his career at the Nine Network
  • Roosters forward Nate Myles suspended for six weeks for defecating in a hotel corridor
  • Melbourne superstar Greg Inglis – who alongside Stewart was the face of the NRL's advertising campaign – was stood down for two weeks after being charged with allegedly assaulting his ex-girlfriend Sally Robinson

Not good reading for the NRL bosses. So they are look to distance themselves and re launch, possibly with a new name and identity. Could be interesting and I don't think there would be any detriment to a name change but I doubt it'll have a massive effect in removing the source of the trouble or in making people forget where the players who caused trouble were from.