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Posted by Dave on 10th February 2011

The blogs new home

As per my last post the blog has a new home at, go and enjoy!

Posted by Dave on 29th April 2010

Rugby League – The Greatest Game Of All (video)

A great video from youtube user AustraliaYouBeauty.

Posted by Dave on 28th March 2010

Bad timing for licence decision

Whilst I'm putting together the monday mastermind quiz why not head over to last tackle and have a read of my guest blog about the timing of next years Super League application decision.

Posted by Dave on 23rd February 2010

Crusaders on the right lines with Union hunt

Nearly forgotten I'd written this! Talking about Crusaders rumoured move for Welsh Union legend Gareth Thomas on last tackle.

Posted by Dave on 4th February 2010

It looks different

It does indeed, with the season having kicked off I had intended to get the new site up and running but I got bogged down doing work that pays me (

So I've moved the site over to the brilliant WordPress platform and I've slightly modified a nice theme ( and I've got all the old content in.

So while I sort out formatting all the old content properly I'm hoping to continue to develop the site's new look whilst being able to carry on posting. I shall speak to you all soon and there shall hopefully be a new feature for next week and a continuation of an old one!

Posted by Dave on 26th January 2010

Rugby League Behaving Badly

Hello again ladies and gentlemen? You all ready for the new season? – As you can probably tell Fifth and Last isn’t as I’ve been rather busy. Still I have a few new features on the way and as soon as I complete the swap to a new website content management system it will be all go!

As usual keep track of the Fifth and last twitter account at and if you desperate for stuff to read head over to Last Tackle for a read of my arricle on Rugby League Behaving Badly.

Posted by Dave on 30th November 2009

Why the time is right to promote the growth of RL

I really should keep on top of this site, I didn’t realise there was so much spam in the comments!

That will be sorted out in the next few months or so.
In the meantime you can go and read some guest posting over at Last Tackle in which I look at the future of Rugby League and what it means for the game.
Follow fifth and last on twitter –

Posted by Dave on 5th October 2009

Well done Barrow

Barrow won the Championship playoff final yesterday in Warrington beating Halifax 26 – 18 and well done to them. Once upon a time it would have meant promotion but no longer.

Still watching Halifax lose reminded me of this ridiculous campaign from earlier in the season
Whilst I wouldn’t want to gloat it’s good to see people spouting these ridiculous ideas getting proof of why they were ridiculous ideas in the first place. That said there’s always room for a daft suggestion or two in Rugby League, club call anyone?

Posted by Dave on 4th October 2009

Melbourne Storm to victory and Leeds club call as expected.

Look at that, headline writing like you’d get in the Daily Star. But literary genius aside there was some good rugby played this weekend and I’ll probably watch it all again on the Super League Show in a bit.

Down under Melbourne attoned for last years hammering by taking their third NRL title with a 23-16 win over Paramatta and I can’t really say much. Since the whole Setanta thing I don’t even know what channel the NRL is on over here and since I support the Warriors their poor performance this season has sucked a little of the interest out for me. Also the possible fact that last season I was in New Zealand and this season I’m not, that probably had an effect.
Still from what I’ve read it was a good game with Paramatta staging a late push but it’s rare you’ll find someone to bet against Melbourne in a Grand Final even after last years defeat.

In this hemispehere we had the play off semi finals in which Leeds got to play their pick of Catalan Dragons and Saints faced up to Wigan and well that went pretty much as expected. Leeds probably got a tougher game than they were expecting but they won and Saints had a tough run against Wigan but also won, which unusally gives us a Saints Leeds grand final, again. It would be nice if someone else could contest this at some point but yet again some came close but couldn’t quite make it. As for the actual grand final, hmmm my money would probably go on Leeds for another victory.

Posted by Dave on 27th September 2009

Club call, all rather predicatable

Well I got up this morning and planned to put my prediction for the club call on here but the site was down again, it’s one of many issues that have plagued fifth and last this year but as we near the end of the season there’ll be plenty of work going on during the close season to ensure we’re back better than ever next year.

Onto the club call, had I managed to put a post up this morning I would have been revelling in a correct prediction right now as, I’m sure, would most other people who looked at the possibilities.

  • Catalan having to travel again from the south of France are surely a better prospect to play than Wigan coming over the Pennines.
  • Saints and Wigan should be a massive draining game for both teams leaving whoever gets through possibly with some injuries but certainly with some tired tired players.

And so with the gimmick of the club call out of the way we can get on with the rugby and look forward to a greulling Saints – Wigan derby and also see if the minnows of Catalan can overturn the mighty Leeds!