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Posted by Dave on 10th February 2011

The blogs new home

As per my last post the blog has a new home at, go and enjoy!

Posted by Dave on 26th January 2011

Fifth and last is moving – a quick update

For those not following me on twitter I've been rather quiet all close season and I do of course have a very good reason for that.  I've been working very hard with the people who run to help with their change from the

I've been working implementing a lot of things such as the the fantasy league and all the new design and features on the site and I'm now pretty much Love rugby league tech support. I'll also be moving my blogging over to the site and hopefully I'll be publishing all my old features of the mastermind quiz, shit look a likes and everybody wants to be ellery hanley going over with me and I hope to bring a bit of a look at the lighter side of rugby league with me, with the odd serious look at it.
I've not decided what'll happen with everything on this site yet, I'll probably close the site down and re post the better bits of content over on Love Rugby League.

I was quite amazed to look and see that I first posted something in July 2008 – nearly 3 years ago! It's been fun running this site and I hope to have even move fun being involved over at Love Rugby League.

Posted by Dave on 2nd October 2010

Super League picks Round 31 – The Grand Final

It is Grand Final day – wahey, and it is of course the line up I predicted last week (see I get some right). Whilst I will be in Manchester I won't be at Old Trafford instead settling for Sky's coverage of the game, but who will win? Well my money's on Saints (at least it will be if I get chance to pass by the bookies) I think not facing Leeds for a change they may win this one, still it'll be close and Wigan have every chance.

St Helens v Wigan Warriors: St Helens by 10

Anyway hope you all enjoy it, I shall be witha  drink or two.

Posted by Dave on 24th September 2010

Super League picks – Round 30 the playoffs, semi finals proper

Well a 50% score last week, which is less than impressive when you remember there were only 2 games. My prediction of a Warrington cup double is in tatters and I'm beginning to wonder if Leeds and Saints familiarity and experience in this stage of the competition will lead to the usual final.

As Saints bid farewell to Knowsley Road (again) it's difficult to see past a win and another grand final for them, still you never know with Huddersfield in a great run of form.

I'm going to back Wigan to finish off their best season for years and progress to the final but there is every chance Leeds will turn them over given home advantage and cracks starting to show in Wigan's game at this late stage of the season. So for me the weekend will most likely look like this;

St Helens v Huddersfield Giants: St Helens by 18

Leeds Rhinos v Wigan Warriors: Wigan Warriors by 10

Posted by Dave on 17th September 2010

Super League picks – Round 29 the playoffs semi final, semi finals

So from the first round of the playoffs I scored a glorious – 0 out of 4 I will of course be looking to do better this week. With only two games hopefully at least a 50%. 

So we're faced with two of the strongest teams all season Wigan and Warrington having lost their first round playoff games and getting their last chance cards to play. I personally can see Warrington winning everything and doing the double but first they have to get through Huddersfield.

Wigan Warriors v Hull KR: Wigan Warriors by 12
Warrington Wolves v Huddersfield Giants: Warrington Wolves by 16

So two home wins – anyone agree of disagree?

Posted by Dave on 10th September 2010

Super League Picks Round 28 – the playoffs

So I finished the regular season with a 5 out of 7, not bad but hopefully the fewer games means I can pick up a few more 100%'s.

So the business end as they call it and I won't go into detail of the playoff structure with it's silly pick your game nonsense. Instead, quite simply, here are my predictions.

St Helens v Warrington Wolves: Warrington Wolves by 8

Huddersfield Giants v Crusaders RL: Crusaders RL by 10

Hull FC v Hull KR: Hull FC by 18

Wigan Warriors v Leeds Rhinos: Wigan Warriors by 6


Wolves to win at Knowsley Road? Crusaders to advance to next round? This as they say is knock out rugby and anything can happen.

Posted by Dave on 3rd September 2010

Super League Picks Round 27

Yes ladies and gentlemen it is the final round of the season proper and Warrington want to secure second after their Challenge cup win (which I predicted, although I did predict a closer game). Wigan's Pat Richards will also be looking for some point scoring records – good luck Pat.

So I'm hoping to go one better than my 6 out of 7 last round and post another 100% – here's what I reckon will happen this weekend.

Wigan Warriors v Bradford Bulls: Wigan Warriors by 30

Hull FC v Leeds Rhinos: Leeds Rhinos by 10

St Helens v Castleford Tigers: St Helens by 22

Harlequins RL v Warrington Wolves: Warrington Wolves by 12

Catalans Dragons v Huddersfield Giants: Catalans Dragons by 8

Crusaders RL v Hull KR: Hull KR by 16

Salford City Reds v Wakefield Wildcats: Salford City Reds by 4

Posted by Dave on 28th August 2010

It’s cup final day

Well having missed watching last years cup final live I'm actually going to be able to settle down and take in the BBC coverage of this year's clash between Warrington and Leeds. 
For those going the first sell out cup final for quite a few years does show some promise for Rugby League and hopefully the game lives up to it's billing.

It's going to be a close one I think, maybe not in the score but certainly on the pitch. I could see a few late tries open up a gap in the scoreline maybe?

Some interesting bets to be had but I don't think I'll be throwing money at this one – if I did I'd be backing Warrington to repeat their success of last season. What do you reckon?

Posted by Dave on 20th August 2010

Super League Picks Round 26

4 out of 7 last week – respectable at least. But how will this weekend go? Well here's what I think:

Leeds Rhinos v Catalans Dragons: Leeds Rhinos by 28

Crusaders RL v St Helens: St Helens by 12

Bradford Bulls v Wakefield Wildcats: Wakefield Wildcats by 10

Huddersfield Giants v Salford City Reds: Huddersfield Giants by 12

Hull KR v Wigan Warriors: Wigan Warriors by 8

Warrington Wolves v Hull FC: Warrington Wolves by 16

Castleford Tigers v Harlequins RL: Castleford Tigers by 10

Posted by Dave on 12th August 2010

Super League Picks Round 25

So firstly an apology for not putting up any Challenge cup predictions last weekend, I was getting married which kind of shifts some focus.

Anyway in the last round of Super League picks I came away with a barn storming 8 – yes my first 100% week of the season! Joy and celebration!

Let that continue with this weeks picks which look like this.

Salford City Reds v Hull KR: Hull KR by 6 points

Castleford Tigers v Leeds Rhinos: Castleford Tigers by 10 points

Wakefield Wildcast v Warrington Wolves: Warrington Wolves by 10 points

Hull FC v Crusaders RL: Hull FC by 12 points

St Helens v Bradford Bulls: St Helens by 20 points

Catalans Dragons v Harlequins RL: Catalans Dragons by 10 points

Wigan Warriors v Huddersfield Giants: Wigan Warriors by 18 points