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Posted by Dave on 31st October 2008

Tipping Baby : Rugby League World Cup – week 2

3 out of 4 for the first week of results for Tipping Baby, not bad, lets see how this week goes. Full round up after the click.

Week 2 Tips

Samoa v Tonga
Fiji v France
New Zealand v PNG
Australia v England
Ireland v Samoa
Scotland v Fiji
Week 1 Tips 
England v PNG
Scotland v France
Australia v New Zealand
Tonga v Ireland

Posted by Dave on 29th October 2008

Tonga v Ireland highlights – World Cup 2008

If you missed the Tonga Ireland match at the weekend (like I did), then you certainly missed the game of the first round. So the best you can probably do is watch this full set of highlights from youtube.
If you have msn messenger open at the time ignore the noises as they’ve been accidentally included on the video by the person who posted on youtube.

Posted by Dave on 28th October 2008

The first weekend of the world cup and FFGRLWC

Well the world cup kicked off this weekend and it was actually quite good and entertaining. The video above is from the Dreamtime team’s Aboriginal warcry facing the Maori Haka and was a lot better than the opening ceremony that followed. I’m also not quite sure why the opening ceremony was three games in? That doesn’t really make sense. I’m also still not one for al this dancing round and singing, just light a few fireworks and get on the with the game. 
Anyway the rugby on show was pretty good and I think we saw the first signs of this world cup structure actually making some sense. The main arguments being touted from a very good Ireland Tonga game. Now I’ll be honest I didn’t see all of this due to the TV being hijacked but I did see the end of the game and it was great. Ireland had so many chances they couldn’t take advantage of and the game was back and forth. Surely the first indicator that a more staggered group ranking gives us more competitive and interesting games. 

Anyway the weekend had started on Saturday with England against PNG in which England saw off a scare from the Kumuls, losing at half time before going on to win 32 – 22. A few dodgy decisions denying PNG a try for a forward pass and then letting the English score one with a dubious looking pass, still I know better than to question the ref, he’s always right. 
PNG look more than capable of an upset against the Kiwi’s and England looked less than convincing but I’m really looking forward to the Australia game next week.
Next game was France Scotland where Scotland failed to come up with the upset Steve McCormak has been promising but still produced a decent display succumbing to a superior French side who I fully expect to make the Semi finals. Still 36 – 18 leaves Scotland with a lot to think about.
The other game was of course Australia New Zealand and the Aussie’s showed just what was expected, a dominant performance and a solid 30 – 6 win. Steve Matai picked up a ban for a high tackle and Billy Slater has been told to stop his silly Kung Fu kick style slide thing that people have been on about since he did it a few times this season, most notably in the NRL final. Again he was lucky not to cause a serious injury and also lucky that he didn’t give away a penalty try. His intention was obviously to dislodge the ball and there were already two men in the tackl so surely he’s illegally stripping the ball? Anyway as I said the ref knows best.
Anyway the group standings after the first round :
Pool A

 Australia 2
 England 2

Pool B

France 2
Fiji 0
 Scotland  0 

Pool C

Tonga 2
Samoa 0
Ireland  0 

Finally we come to our Facebook Fan Group Rugby League World Cup which shall be from now on called FFGRLWC because it’s a damn site easier to type. The results are : 
England 210 – 10 PNG
Australia 64 – 6 New Zealand
Scotland 12 – 16 France
Ireland 12 – 12 Tonga
As the Tonga Ireland game was a draw points will go to the actually winners of the game which was Tonga so the tables are pretty much the same as the real tables, except England are top of Pool A.
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Posted by Dave on 24th October 2008

r-l-w-c w-r-a-p: all is full of love

oh errol

Ok these recaps are going to have to become so much more frequent. For a non-event, the Rugby League World Cup isn’t skimping on the pre-competition action.

Once I recovered from our night on the tiles with the Blarney Army after meeting the Wolfhounds last weekend – not with the players, of course … they have training to do, remember? – I realised that the World Cup was being completely hilarious and we were missing it. Travesty.

Mick ‘Jan Brady’ Robertson has been off training with the Scottish team, eating haggis and being generally awesome about having to rock the kilt at formal occasions:

Looking forward to that, it will be a bit interesting I don’t think I have the legs for it.

DON’T UNDERSELL YOURSELF BABY! You’ve got good knees and you know that’s really the main thing, right?

Note to Scotland: I hope they get matching vests too. Arrange that pls.

Actually, bloody everyone is turning out to be a bit lovable in this world cup. It’s so confusingggg. The French – those poor bastards – have now been moved from Caloundra to Canberra, but even they’ve managed to stay classy. Eric Anselme said he was honoured.

… It’s good to be part of the facilities of the Raiders. They are a very great club. I remember as a young guy in France I grew up watching Mal Meninga.

Seriously, bitches, how am I meant to cope with this? I can’t handle it. I have a hard enough time coping with torn loyalties in the NRL, and I hate half the teams in that. There’s nothing worse than watching a team you like walk, heads bowed, from the field after a loss. So what do you do if you like both teams? I’M GONNA BE HAPPY/MISERABLE WHOEVER WINS. Excuse me while I take a xanax.

My original World Cup plan was to take out my snark on the Aussie team and the poms. Before you say anything, no this doesn’t make me a traitor. Non-Aussies just often don’t understand the careful dynamics of Australian league. And while I love my country, that love is almost almost outweighed by the fact that – as a New South Welshlady – I loathe Queenslanders. Individually, they may be lovely, but on the field, they are nothing but dirty Queenslanders dressed in disgusting Maroon. It’s Just Fact.

And the Aussie team is horrifyingly packed with them. At the Kangaroos Bondi training session, it was dirty Queenslanders beachside as far as the eye could see. They even outnumbered the sunburnt pommie tourists. BUT SIR, THEY’RE EVERYWHERE!

Billy Slater on a surfboard, Brent Tate practising mouth-to-mouth, Greg Inglis … being Greg Inglis. Ok so I don’t know what he was doing but I KNOW HE WAS THERE. And perhaps, most disturbingly of all, Johnathan Thurston wearing inappropriate white boardies. Even Billy Slater won’t put up with that shit. 

Really, mate? You went with white? I know we’re meant to be bonding but I’m just not comfortable with this. 

The only redeeming thing about the whole beach training fiasco was seeing Ron ‘the Cougar‘ Palmer – trainer for my babies, the Roosters – rocking out in his Official Aussie Team Budgie Smugglers.


No one is surprised Monaghan has to wear a rashie. The sun is not kind to rangas.

But then even those crafty Queenslanders won my heart. They unleashed their secret weapons in the form of Steve Price in his custom-designed Kangaroos bucket hat (HE JUST REALLY LIKES BUCKET HATS, OK?) and Scotty Prince, aka Prince Scotty the Caramel … and they were hugging. Game over, I’m done. I officially now don’t hate any team in the world cup. You adorable bastards.

But the real stars of the news this week are team Fiji. Media outlets are falling over themselves to pimp out the fact that the Fijians are staying in Woy Woy and drinking Sustagen Kava from plastic cups. If I was feeling narky and English-majory today I would maaaaybe say that all this press interest has an air of ‘the noble savage’ about it, but instead let’s say that the Errol gals don’t need any convincing about how awesome Fiji is. And not just cause we are oddly fond of Jarryd ‘Baby’ Hayne.

We love them almost as much as Andrew Johns loves Akuila Uate. Uate is lining up for Fiji in the Cup, and Joey says:

In all my years in rugby league I’ve never seen a better athlete than this bloke … it’s all raw power.

And even though I’ve only seen him on the field once or twice, it does seem like he’s lining up to be a bigger, better Lote Tuqiri. But, and this is where it gets a little weird:

You touch him and the muscle fibre is incredible. His vertical leap is phenomenal and the bloke has a backside you could sit a drink on. It’s frightening to think just how good he could be.

… Sigh. I hate when someone manages to be creepier than me.

Posted by Dave on 24th October 2008

Tipping Baby : Rugby League World Cup

Tipping Baby returns to our computer screens for the first round of the rugby league world cup this weekend.
Full round up after the click.

Round 1 Tips 
England v PNG
Scotland v France
Australia v New Zealand
Tonga v Ireland

Posted by Dave on 21st October 2008

The Facebook Fan Group Rugby League World Cup

The fan group world cup has started – slightly later than planned due to facebook imposing a block on me creating groups – you can read more about it by clicking here or by visting our facebook group.
Simply though you pick your team, join their group and do your damndest to get people onto that group and posting on walls and what not.
All of the groups are listed after the click.

Posted by Dave on 19th October 2008

World Cup Nations : Tonga

tonga rugby league
We come to the end of our world cup round up with the last team in pool C Tonga. Now as I mentioned on my last world cup post I have mostly been lazy and copied stuff from wikipedia and after having drank a hell of a lot of whiskey last night and feeling the effects of it you can expect this post to be even more of the same.
So where to start? Well Tonga have, as most teams do, a wealth of super league and NRL experience in their squad and I think most people would expect them to have a very good chance to top their group although personally I reckon they’ll be second to Samoa. Another collection of Pacific Islands you can find Tonga around here : (yes you guessed it wikipedia map after the click)

tonga location
As far as rugby league goes in Tonga they have apparently one of the best national competition of the pacific island nations which has been running for 20 years this year so what better way to celebrate than playing in a world cup.
They’re coached by Jim Dymock and the squad named is as follows:
Fraser Anderson (Cronulla), Louis Anderson (Warrington), Andrew Emelio (Canterbury), Richard Fa’aoso (Newcastle), Awen Guttenbeil (Castleford), Michael Jennings (Penrith), Antonio Kaufusi (Melbourne), Toshio Laiseni (Newtown), Taniela Lasalo (unattached), Epalahame Lauaki (NZ Warriors), Tevita Leo-Latu (Wakefield), Willie Manu (Hull), Manase Manuokafoa (South Sydney), Feleti Mateo (Parramatta), Fuifui Moimoi (Parramatta), Eddie Paea (South Sydney), Lopini Paea (Sydney Roosters), Mickey Paea (Sydney Roosters), Fetuli Talanoa (South Sydney), Joel Tauf’ao (unattached), Esikeli Tonga (Gold Coast), Taniela Tuiaki (unattached), Anthony Tupou (Sydney Roosters), Etuate Uaisele (Newcastle), Cooper Vuna (Newcastle), Tony Williams (Parramatta)
I’m tired and I’m off to create all the facebook groups for the Fan group world cup – hope you’ve all enjoyed yourself, I’m actually quite excited about the world cup now.

Posted by Dave on 18th October 2008

World Cup Nations : Samoa

Samoa rugby league
Only two nations left to cover in this years world cup and I’m wondering if anyone has noticed my lazy copying of wikipedia articles and use of the official world cup website.
So onto Samoa, a small Pacific island nation which means, yep you guessed it, New Zealand have probably already stolen all their good players. But I’ve been told they haven’t which can’t possibly be true but I’ll look into for you. The game has only really been played in the country since 1985(ish) but now plays host to a 12 strong competition on the islands although most of the better players compete in the NRL and Super league.
Now Samoa is way out in the Pacific and as with all the islands I’m never quite sure where abouts so I got a lovely map we can all have a look at (yes straight from wikipedia)

Samoa map
The squad is coached by John Ackland and captained by Souths players Nigel Vagana who is sporting a rather strange beard, very System of a down style. 
The squad is:
George Carmont (Wigan), Dave Faiumu (Huddersfield), Harrison Hansen (Wigan), Ali Lauitiiti (Leeds), Tuaalagi Lepupa (unattached), Kylie Leuluai (Leeds), Wayne McDade (Auckland Vulcans), Francis Meli (St Helens), Joseph Paulo (Penrith), Frank Puletua, Tony Puletua (both Penrith), Ben Roberts (Canterbury), Tangi Ropati (East Tigers), Smith Samau (Gold Coast), Lagi Setu (St George Illawarra), Terrence Seuseu (Cronulla), David Solomona (Bradford), Willie Talau (St Helens), Alby Talipeau (unattached), Misi Taulapapa (Cronulla), Ben Te’o (Wests Tigers), Tupu Ulufale (unattached), Matt Utai (Canterbury), Nigel Vagana (South Sydney)
Plenty of Super league and NRL experience but having been taken the last qualifying place I’m not expecting too much from Samoa. But the good thing with this world cup format is that both pool B and C can produce some good close games and Samoa certainly have players who can be effective.
Dave’s Prediction : Top pool C but losing in the semi final qualifier

Posted by Dave on 17th October 2008

r-l-w-c w-r-a-p: new zealand and mata haris

oh errol
HOW MANY SLEEPS TO GO? …. um, not many.  I can’t be bothered counting.  But the Rugby League World Cup is a-gettin closer and Errol HQ is abuzz with excitement. 
And looking at what’s happened in the past week, I can only assume I have missed out on several Important Top-Secret World Cup meetings where, apparently, everyone decided the best way to even the playing field for this year’s cup was to annihilate Australia’s back line. Just as Justin Hodges was ruled unfit with a “busted shoulder”, and Brett Stewart got one too, brilliant defender and all-around hot bitch Matt Cooper suddenly needed “groin surgery“. DON’T THINK YOU CAN FOOL ME, BITCHES. This is so blatantly transparent I can’t even stand it. Taking Hodges and little Bretty out with Tonya Harding bats-to-the-shoulder then sending in some kind of World Cup Mata Hari to shag Hot Bitch Cooper into injury. 
I’m 99% sure their next plan is to ensure our new recruits Darius Boyd and Karmichael Hunt are charged by police and booted from the team halfway through the comp.

I can’t wait to find out what horrible injury they have planned for the newest Kangaroo – and Oh Errol Award nominee – Joel Monaghan. Car door to the head perhaps? Falling down a mine shaft? Does he even realise he’s stepping into a cursed team? Poor baby.


… is arsenic detectable? Better check with Benny. 

Tell me this: can it be mere coincidence that, while Hot Bitch, Hodges and Snake are looking at stints on the sideline, Brett Stewart’s teammate who was actually injured when he played the Grand Final, is now livin it up at training camp with the Kiwis? I THINK NOT. Just look at Steve Matai, all snuggly and smug. WAS IT YOU? ARE YOU RESPONSIBLE FOR THIS NEW ZEALAND?


But sir! Everyone else has black shirts! I feel like a tool. 

Coincidence that poker-faced genius and former Broncos coach Wayne Bennett rocked up to New Zealand training this week?

It’s all very suspicious. 
But the really worrying thing about this whole New Zealand plot may well be that … I don’t hate it. As an Aussie I should be outraged, non? But waching the New Zealand Maori play the All Golds on the weekend, readers, I felt things. Nice things. Things like smiles and butterflies and affection. WHAT’S HAPPENING TO ME?

Maybe I do finally understand the whole Islandergate situation and multiple loyalties. Cause I look at those Kiwis and just seeing all the boys I love in the NRL gets my heart all confused. Krisnan Inu! Flossy Nightingale! Issac Luke! But, but … how can they be dirty Kiwis? There is also the fact that it is pretty much impossible to hate Ruben Wiki. I’ve tried, not possible. It’s like hating Nathan Hindmarsh. It defies human logic.


See? Even touchies want Ruben Wiki to score!

The whole thing also had me wondering if New Zealand are even capable of sabotage. You tell me. Maybe think about it while we move onto other news.

As you know, we Errol girls are off to meet n greet the Irish Wolfhounds this week, so we’ve been eagerly tracking their trip to Australia on the big Errol whiteboard. And you know how indignant we were to hear that the Irish boys had been shunted back to economy while their English big brothers rode in business class. Clearly that is both unnacceptable and racialist. Am outraged!
I have dug a little though and found some facts to put the Wolfhounds diss into perspective. At least, unlike the Papua New Guinea Kumuls, you were actually let into the country. And most importantly, unlike the French rugby league team, you aren’t in Caloundra. (Love and kisses to all our Queensland readers, by the way). 
Chin up, Wolfhounds.

All images: Getty Images

Posted by Dave on 17th October 2008

World Cup Nations : Ireland

Ireland rugby league blarney army
Top o’ the morning to y’all, into Pool C we go and we’ll start our journey here with the lucky Irish. They qualified for the world cup by finishing top of their group that included Lebanon and Russia (two up coming nations for whom rugby league is really catching on). Rugby league wise in the country there are two leagues running in Ireland, The Carnegie League and the Emerald Rugby National Conference, however the squad is predominently made up of super league based players.
Again we have another country where Rugby union is more popular, they also like to watch a lot of hurling in Ireland, as I found out when trying to watch a Villa Chelsea game in an Irish bar during the final of the hurling last year and anyway it’s like AFL and American football nobody else plays hurling outside of it’s main base country.

The team are nicknamed the wolfhounds apparently, I assume after the Irish league’s representative team “The Irish Wolfhounds”. Coached by Andy Kelly and captained by Stuart Littler the squad is : 
Ross Barbour (Carlow Crusaders), Bob Beswick (Widnes), Damien Blanch (Wakefield), Mick Cassidy (Barrow), Ged Corcoran (Sheffield), Lee Doran (Leigh), Liam Finn (Dewsbury), Simon Finnigan (Bradford), Karl Fitzpatrick (Salford), Steve Gibbons (London Skolars), Sean Gleeson (Wakefield), Scott Grix (Wakefield), Gareth Haggerty (Harlequins), Ben Harrison (Warrington), Graham Holroyd (Halifax), Wayne Kerr (London Skolars), Stuart Littler (Salford), Michael McIlorum (Wigan), Eamon O’Carroll (Wigan), Michael Platt (Bradford), Pat Richards (Wigan), Ryan Tandy (Wests Tigers), Shayne McMenemy (unattached), Brendan Guilfoyle (Treaty City Titans)
Not a bad looking team, with plenty of experience and in what should be an interesting and competitive group in pool C. 
You’ll be able to follow the Ireland team with the Oh Errol girls who’ll be posting on here over the world cup.
Dave’s Prediction : Hmmm I would say bottom of pool C but with every chance of getting higher
William Hill odds : 150/1