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Monday Mastermind Quiz XXII – The World Club Challenge edition

Quite simple this is the quiz before the world club challenge so it's all about the world club challenge. Post your scores in the comments ladies and gents.


1. Who's playing CV? (1997 – 2006)

Hull FC – Gold Coast Chargers – Melbourne Storm – Leeds Rhinos – Bradford Bulls

A bonus point if you can tell me why he's in the world club challenge quiz.

2. Who's this? (This is from 2004 when Bradford beat Penrith)

3. Name the teams  (as usual 1 point for each)

Click to enlarge it

4. 3 teams have made the final and never lost, a point for each.

5. How many times has the game been played outside of the UK?

6. How about a point for each ground it's been played at outside the UK. (you can still have a point if you only get the city)

14 points on offer and if you do your maths you can work out the answer to number 5 from that.

How did you find it? Post your scores in the comments.

Scroll down for the answers



















1. Marcus Bai, he is one of three players to have scored 3 tries in the world club challenge games.

2. Jamie Peacock

3. Leeds Rhinos and Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles from last years game

4. Bradford Bulls (3 wins), Sydney Roosters (2 wins), Widnes Vikings (1 win)

5. 3

6. ANZ stadium – Brisbane, Ericsson Stadium – Auckland, Sydney Cricket Ground – Sydney

(images Jamie Peacock – Bradford Bulls website

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