Posted by Dave on 15th February 2010

Monday Mastermind Quiz XXI

It's back – Hell yeah! Test your rugby league knowledge.

1. Who's playing CV?
(1999 to present)

North Sydney  – Northern Eagles – Bulldogs – Sydney Roosters – Hull FC

2. Who's this?

Picture from Flickr


3. Name the teams
One point each (image from Foxsports)


4. What is the name of the Wrexham stadium where Welsh Super League team The Crusaders are playing their home games this year?  

5. Who was the last team besides Saints and Leeds to contest a Super League grand final? (bonus point: what year?)

6. Who sponsors the NRL?


Scroll down for the answers – 10 points of offer this week






















Answers – how did you do? (let us know in the comments)

1. Mark O'Meley

2. Harlequins coach Brian McDermot

3. St George Illawara and Paramatta Eagles

4. The Racecourse Ground

5. Hull, they lost to Saints in 2006.

6. Telstra

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