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Posted by Dave on 10th February 2011

The blogs new home

As per my last post the blog has a new home at, go and enjoy!

Posted by Dave on 26th January 2011

Fifth and last is moving – a quick update

For those not following me on twitter I've been rather quiet all close season and I do of course have a very good reason for that.  I've been working very hard with the people who run to help with their change from the

I've been working implementing a lot of things such as the the fantasy league and all the new design and features on the site and I'm now pretty much Love rugby league tech support. I'll also be moving my blogging over to the site and hopefully I'll be publishing all my old features of the mastermind quiz, shit look a likes and everybody wants to be ellery hanley going over with me and I hope to bring a bit of a look at the lighter side of rugby league with me, with the odd serious look at it.
I've not decided what'll happen with everything on this site yet, I'll probably close the site down and re post the better bits of content over on Love Rugby League.

I was quite amazed to look and see that I first posted something in July 2008 – nearly 3 years ago! It's been fun running this site and I hope to have even move fun being involved over at Love Rugby League.

Posted by Dave on 9th November 2009

Tweet Tweet Tweet

Well you’re probably wondering if I’ve died or something? Nope thankfully not I’ve just been rather absent. I am however planning a make over and general working revival of Fifth and last for next season so any fun ideas send em in!
In the meantime for the tweeters amongst you we’re on twitter @fifthandlast so go and click on the follow button!

Oh and come on England!!!!

Posted by Dave on 17th September 2009

Sorry I went off again

Sorry guys, was away briefly, should probably tell you before I go. Anyway I still managed to watch Widnes v Whitehaven in a pub, on my own, getting strange looks for cheering as I appeared to be one of only 3 people in the pub watching.
Still glad to get a result and hoping we can march on to the final.

I was also shocked when talking to a guy down at the Union club I play at (boo hiss I know, I’m only there for the drinking and there aren’t any easily accessible league clubs nearby). I’m known to refer to Union as the amateur game and said something about that and he replied
“Weird how you say that when it’s the other way round”
Me : “What?”
Him : “Well Union being professional and League being amateur”
Me: “er no League is professional”
Him: “Oh right, how long for? like 10 years?”
Me: “Nope since about 1895”

I’m sure there are many of you thinking really you should have given him a slap, I’m shocked that people outside of Rugby League, especially someone involved with the other code wouldn’t know that! Still I’ll put it down to being as thick as Jade Goody and move on.

Posted by Dave on 22nd July 2009

I had all the best intentions

I had all the plans to get going again with the blog and what happens? Yep before I know it I've missed a Monday quiz again and not written for nearly a week.
You see I'm a busy man but I do intend to get this going properly and I am doing some work on the site behind the scenes fixing up a new site based on wordpress.

Anyway I'm always on the lookout for people who want to join in blogging about rugby league so feel free to get in touch, but until then I'll do my best to pull my finger out and get on with this blogging thing.

Posted by Dave on 12th July 2009

Where the hell I’ve been

For a man who runs a website I seem to spend alot of time without an internet connection, so having moved I spent various amounts of time and phone calls trying to sort out a new connection, arguments with BT, problems with Virgin and I'm finally there. I have plenty of plans for the site and I'm hoping to get it going with regular contirbutions again and as always people are welcome to join in and contribute.

Hopefully I'll be getting along as of tomorrow with amusing videos, witty observations and what not and even though I'm living in Cumbria I'm living in the wrong part for rugby league and I'm without satellite or cable so it's back to internet viewing mainly.

In the meantime however I'm going to raise a drink to my beloved Widnes and celebrate the fact that we have now ticked at least one box for the next round of Super League licensing.

Posted by Dave on 17th April 2009

Why no posts this week?

I have no damn internet. It's frusting but hopefully will be sorted out soon, so it looks like fifth and last is taking a mid season unplanned break. Back soon hopefully!