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Posted by Dave on 30th March 2010

Best try ever?

Saints versus Bradford – the best try ever? It certainly can't be far off!

I don't know what's more remarkable here, the try or Shaun Long having a relatively normal haircut?

Posted by Dave on 29th March 2010

Monday Mastermind Quiz XXVI – The Wigan edition

So there was no quiz last week because, well just because. But it is back and this week it's all about current Super League table toppers Wigan.

1. Who's playing CV?

(1987 – 2001)

Widnes – Easts Roosters – St. George – Wigan – London Broncos – Easts Roosters – Salford City Reds)

2. Who's this Wigan Legend?

3. Who's the missing sponsor?

4. Where did Wigan play their home games before moving to the JJB stadium?

5. Wigan hold the record for consecutive Challenge cup wins, but how many times did they win it on the trot? – It started in the 1987/88 season.

6. Wigan have a massive history of winning stuff, but which player has won the most trophies with them? (bonus point if you can tell me how many)

So 7 points up for grabs – how did you do? Answer below and leave your scores in the comments!


Posted by Dave on 28th March 2010

Bad timing for licence decision

Whilst I'm putting together the monday mastermind quiz why not head over to last tackle and have a read of my guest blog about the timing of next years Super League application decision.

Posted by Dave on 26th March 2010

Picks for the weekend – Super League Round 8

The site has been suspiciously quiet I know but I've been rather busy – normal service sometime soon, although I'm also looking at some new developments for the site.

Last weeks predictions brought me 6 out of 7 – damn you Leeds Rhinos and your pathetic recent form, 1 game away from a perfect round. Let's try again.

Wigan Warriors v Leeds Rhinos: Wigan Warriors by 6 (no doubt this will now be the game Leeds come good)

Bradford Bulls v Harlequins RL: Bradford Bulls by 20

Castleford Tigers v Crusaders RL: Crusaders RL by 4

Warrington Wolves v Wakefield Wildcats: Warrington Wolves by 8

Salford City Reds v Hull FC: Hull FC by 10

Catalans Dragons v Hull KR: Catalans Dragons by 4

Huddersfield Giants v St Helens: Huddersfield Giants by 6

Posted by Dave on 26th March 2010

Don’t piss off Des Hasler – he’ll break your doors


Man is angry! 

(Via Oh Errol)

Posted by Dave on 24th March 2010

Gareth Thomas’ League debut

To be honest ducking into a tackle isn't the best idea. He lasted half an hour and looks like he'll take a little longer to learn the game properly.

Posted by Dave on 19th March 2010

Picks for the weekend – Super League Round 7

Don't worry I've not forgotten about Ellery Hanley just nobody wants to be him this week. I also haven't forgotten about this weeks picks.

Last week  got me 5 out 7 – not bad,  let's see how we go this week, all seems pretty straight forward this week. Possibly get upset with Warrington at Saints but we'll see – I'll get a 100% before the season is done.


Crusaders RL v Catalans Dragons: Crusaders RL by 8

Leeds Rhinos v Hull KR: Leeds Rhinos by 12

Hull FC v Bradford Bulls: Hull FC by 4

St Helens v Warrington Wolves: St Helens by 2

Harlequins RL v Huddersfield Giants: Huddersfield Giants by 8

Castleford Tigers v Wigan Warriors: Wigan Warriors by 4

Wakefield Wildcats v Salford City Reds: Wakefield Wildcats by 16

Posted by Dave on 15th March 2010

Monday Mastermind Quiz XXV

A little later than usual due to some server problems, no theme this week – just some general rugby questions.

1. Who's playing CV?

(1999 – Present)

Newcastle Knights – Paramatta Eels – NSW Waratahs (Union) – Paramatta Eels

2. Who's the chap in this grainy black and white image?

3. Which Super League ground is this?

4. Millom RLFC are the oldest amateur rugby club in the world, formed in 1873 which UK county are they from? 

5.Keith Senior has been playing forever and amassed the most Super League tries ever, but who holds the record for tries in a season? (Bonus point – how many?)

6. The equivalent record for tries in a season in the NRL is tied at 25 between Nathan Blacklock and who?



Posted by Dave on 15th March 2010

Barrow v Keighley highlights


Given that this is the second highlight video to pop up on YouTube involving Keighly I'm going to guess Micky1920 is a Keighly fan (ok it's pretty obvious from his you tube page) Still I'm not sure as a Keighley fan I would've put this online "another bad day at the office" indeed!

Posted by Dave on 12th March 2010

Picks for the weekend – Super League Round 6

We're on round 6 already!? This is flying by. So last weeks picks – 5 out of 7 – not too bad!

This weekend I think will look a little something like this.

Hull KR v Wakefield Wildcats: Wakefield Wildcats by 2 

Wigan Warriors v Hull FC: Wigan Warriors by 8

St Helens v Crusaders RL: St Helens by 10

Warrington Wolves v Bradford Bulls: Warrington Wolves by 4

Catalans Dragons v Castleford Tigers: Catalans Dragons by 4

Harlequins RL v Salford City Reds: Harlequins RL by 2

Huddersfield Giants v Leeds Rhinos: Huddersfield Giants by 6


A lot of fixtures could go either way. – Warrington/Bradford, Hull KR/Wakey, Wigan/Hull for example – still we'll see how I did come Sunday afternoon.