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Posted by Dave on 26th January 2011

Fifth and last is moving – a quick update

For those not following me on twitter I've been rather quiet all close season and I do of course have a very good reason for that.  I've been working very hard with the people who run to help with their change from the

I've been working implementing a lot of things such as the the fantasy league and all the new design and features on the site and I'm now pretty much Love rugby league tech support. I'll also be moving my blogging over to the site and hopefully I'll be publishing all my old features of the mastermind quiz, shit look a likes and everybody wants to be ellery hanley going over with me and I hope to bring a bit of a look at the lighter side of rugby league with me, with the odd serious look at it.
I've not decided what'll happen with everything on this site yet, I'll probably close the site down and re post the better bits of content over on Love Rugby League.

I was quite amazed to look and see that I first posted something in July 2008 – nearly 3 years ago! It's been fun running this site and I hope to have even move fun being involved over at Love Rugby League.