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Posted by Dave on 9th June 2010

Big hits

It's seems to be about the only thing Rugby League people post on you tube. As usual plenty you'll have seen before.

Posted by Dave on 27th August 2009

Toughest nuts in league – The final – Noel Kelly v Les Davidson

So then who's the toughest in NRL history? Go on get voting,8659,25988887-23214,00.html

Posted by Dave on 14th August 2009

Toughest nuts in league – semi final

what are you doing here? Get voting on by Clicking here

Arthur Beetson v Les Davidson
Bob Cooper v Noel Kelly

Posted by Dave on 24th July 2009

Tough nuts of league

Get voting on the NRL hardmen at,8659,25823888-23214,00.html
Still they're no Vinty Karalius or Les Boyd.

Posted by Dave on 16th July 2009

Steve Price knocked out

Brett White showed Steve Price that he can't go toe to toe with the young guys in the final origin game of the series after this scuffle in the final game of this weeks origin series.