Posted by Dave on 23rd March 2009

Monday Mastermind Quiz VII

Right this isn’t going well, I meant to put this together yesterday but got side tracked by being nice to my mum for the day and having a few drinks, and this evening I have managed twice to accidentally delete the quiz before posting it!

Anyway here goes nothing, enjoy
1. Career Path
Who’s coaching CV?
Parramatte Eels – Wigan Warriors – Auckland Warriors – Wigan Warriors – London Broncos – France National team
2. Who’s scoring here?
who is it
3. Name the teams
name the teams
 Which country has fifteen regional administrative districts of which 5 are –
Coastline, Northland, Southland, Tasman and West Coast?
(I’ll be impressed if you can name the other ten, go on then a point for each)
Who recently became the NRL’s top points scorer of all time?
And who holds that record in Super League? (bonus point for getting the number of points as well)

Answers after the click plenty of bonus points up for grabs totalling 18 points for grabs

Scroll down!

1. John Monie
2. Cory Paterson scoring for the Newcastle knights this weekend – (image
3. Salford City Reds and Oldham from Feb 2008 (image from the Oldham Advertiser)
4. They are all part of New Zealand Rugby League – the other 10 are
Auckland, Bay of Plenty, Canterbury, Taranaki, Waikato, Wellington, Gisbourne, Hawkes Bay, Manawatu, Otago, 
5. Hazem El – Masri 
6. Andy Farrell is Super League’s top scorer with 2228 points

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