Posted by Dave on 12th July 2009

Where the hell I’ve been

For a man who runs a website I seem to spend alot of time without an internet connection, so having moved I spent various amounts of time and phone calls trying to sort out a new connection, arguments with BT, problems with Virgin and I'm finally there. I have plenty of plans for the site and I'm hoping to get it going with regular contirbutions again and as always people are welcome to join in and contribute.

Hopefully I'll be getting along as of tomorrow with amusing videos, witty observations and what not and even though I'm living in Cumbria I'm living in the wrong part for rugby league and I'm without satellite or cable so it's back to internet viewing mainly.

In the meantime however I'm going to raise a drink to my beloved Widnes and celebrate the fact that we have now ticked at least one box for the next round of Super League licensing.

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