Posted by Dave on 29th March 2010

Monday Mastermind Quiz XXVI – The Wigan edition

So there was no quiz last week because, well just because. But it is back and this week it's all about current Super League table toppers Wigan.

1. Who's playing CV?

(1987 – 2001)

Widnes – Easts Roosters – St. George – Wigan – London Broncos – Easts Roosters – Salford City Reds)

2. Who's this Wigan Legend?

3. Who's the missing sponsor?

4. Where did Wigan play their home games before moving to the JJB stadium?

5. Wigan hold the record for consecutive Challenge cup wins, but how many times did they win it on the trot? – It started in the 1987/88 season.

6. Wigan have a massive history of winning stuff, but which player has won the most trophies with them? (bonus point if you can tell me how many)

So 7 points up for grabs – how did you do? Answer below and leave your scores in the comments!







































































1. Martin Offiah 

2. Billy Boston (Image:

3. Norweb (image

4. Central Park 

5. 4 times in a row

6. Shaun Edwards with 17 trophy wins – 8 Championships and 9 Challenge cups

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  1. Andy Fisher says:

    Moved over from SA to Wigan last year so awesome to know more about an awesome team!! I’m also looking around for info about this website –

    Looks legit (working with RFL) but wanted to know what people thought? I’d really love to be at the final is all!

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