Posted by Dave on 5th May 2009

Monday Mastermind Quiz XI

So what's his excuse this week, well it was bank holiday so you get a Tuesday quiz, maybe I should call it first business day of the week quiz, maybe not.

Anyway this weeks theme isn't the number 11, nope – no theme at all really.
1. Whos playing CV?
St Helens – Wigan – Canterbury Bulldogs – Harlequins (RU) – Orrell  (RU) – Leeds Rhinos – Widnes Vikings – Munster (RU)
2. Who's the ref waiting in the tunnel during this weeks Millenium Magic weekend?
who is it?
3. Slightly different for name the teams, again from the Magic Weekend, can you name all four teams mascots in the picture?
If you can tell me the mascots names there's an extra point in it for each of them you can name.
name the teams

Which English Ex-Rugby League player currently playing with Saracens Rugby Union announced his retirement recently?
The City Country teams have been announced for the Australian representative sides, but out of 83 games who has won the most? (bonus point for how many)
There have been two draws in the history of the competition, last years 22 -22, when the other one? (you can have a point if you get within 5 years)
Answers after the click 

Scroll down!

 points up for grabs!

1. Gary Connolly
2. Richard Silverwood (picture from BBC sport )
3. Left to Right St Helens (St Bernard), Hull KR (Arlie the Robin), Harlequins (Buck), Huddersfield (Big G)
4. Andy Farrell
5. City, they have 64 of the games with Country winning 17 and 2 draws
6. 1933

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