Posted by Dave on 30th April 2009

Mid week read : MPs call for Halifax rules change

Well it appears all the naughty players are finally getting told off. Reardon, Price, Bird et al. And when say naughty I do mean pretty disgraceful and they are all so far escaping without jail sentances which is a little suprising to some.

However this weeks link which has just had me nearly spitting tea everywhere is this one

It is unbelieveable, I've just checked and it's not April fools but some people in Halifax are clearly having a laugh. To petition for a team to be entered into Super League on the back of an unbeaten season is ridiculous. For a start we haven't finished the season yet, they may not even win the league. Also if Widnes or Leigh come good with a long unbeaten run next season do we try to get them admitted to Super League because they have a "stadium and a team fit for purpose" ?
I hope to god this gets the firm answer of NO from the RFL but well you just never know with them do you.


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