Posted by Dave on 9th March 2009

Monday Mastermind Quiz V

Quiz number 5, sorry quiz number V – enjoy

1. Career Path
Who’s playing CV?
Featherstone – Bradford – St Helens – Castleford
2. Who’s this?
Who is it?
3. Name the teams
name the teams
4. Who’s home?
Who plays at CUA Stadium?
5. What year was the NRL founded in Australia?
6. Which three teams were granted A licences during the grading for Super League 2009?

Answers after the click 9 points up for grabs this week

Scroll down!

1. Paul Newlove
2. Andrew Henderson of Gatehead Thunder who is writing a blog for the BBC at this link (image pinched from the BBC)
3. Sydney Roosters and South Sydney Rabbitohs who meet this weekend in the NRL
4. Penrith Panthers
5. 1998
6. Hull FC, Leeds and Warrington

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