Posted by Dave on 29th August 2008

4 minute video ref

From the Wigan Leeds game last week. Steve Gansen takes an age making the video ref deicision, 4 minutes to award Colin Calderwood Wigan’s opening try!

For me it’s a relatively straight forward decision and certainly didn’t need four minutes of constant replays. Brent Webb clearly makes a play at the ball and from the look of the change of trajectory Trent Barret doesn’t get a touch on it before Calderwood races away for the try.

So a new record of 4 minutes at least for Super league if not for rugby league as a whole and it leaves the question should there be a time limit on video decisions? Apparently something being considered by the NRL and surely something that would be worth trying out maybe in a similar way to the experimental law variations used in Rugby Union Super 14s.

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