Posted by Dave on 13th July 2009

Monday Mastermind Quiz XVII – Huddersfield Giants

Yes the Monday Mastermind quiz is back, and this one is themed. Every so often there'll be a quiz themed on a team and so to start it off you're being quizzed on the team who are currently pushing Saints and Leeds atop the Super League – Huddersfield.


1. Who's playing CV?
(1997 – Present)
Western Suburbs – Paramatta Eels – Wests Tigers – Huddersfield Giants
2. Who is it?
who is it
You don't get name the teams with this theme, instead you can have a look at the kit and tell me who should be the sponsor slapped across the front? (and yes you can marvel at my photoshopping)
whos the sponsor
What was the name of Huddersfield ground when they moved in, before it changed to the Galpharm Stadium?
The last time Huddersfield won the Challange Cup was the 1952 – 1953 season but which current Super League club did they beat?
Huddersfield are known to older supporters by the name of the ground they occupied until 1994 – you guessed it, what's the name?
Click "click for more" for the answers, 6 points up for grabs – good luck!

Scroll down for the answers

1. Brett Hodgson
2. Big G (image flickr)
3. University of Hudderfield
4. Alfred McAlpine Stadium
5. St Helens
6. Fartown
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