Posted by Dave on 12th August 2009

The Rugby highground

For quite a while rugby in general, not just league has prided itself on discipline and often looked down on the likes of football for their on field diving and disrespect of referees or for the violence of fans on the terraces.
But given recent events can we still be allowed to maintain a moral high ground? I'm not so sure and it is mainly players off-field antics that are bringing the game down, but they are still ambassadors of the game and should be acting better.

So do we need to clean up the sport? I think yes, players need educating on what should and shouldn't be acceptable. I think a blanket alcohol ban is ridiculous though, these are grown men we are talking about not high school children. We should treat them as such and merely make sure they know what is and isn't acceptable as behaviour, drunk or otherwise.

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