Posted by Dave on 24th July 2009

The stadium issue rears it’s head again

Now this is a source of constant frustration to me being a Widnes fan. You see we have a decent stadium competing here in the national league and Leigh also have a great stadium and from the outset of Super League that was part of the criteria to compete. The RFL have used the rule to their advantage before denying teams entry into the league due to a stadium that is not up to scratch and so teams like us and Leigh have made the investment and so have the majority of Super League clubs (even Warrington who have that dodgy standing area – it should be all seated!)

Yet in the Super League there are teams who have gotten away with sub standard grounds for years, the RFL had the chance to make an example of them with the first round of licensing but they didn't and I have no doubt that was down to the fact that St Helens and Celtic Crusaders are two of the teams with sub standard grounds.
So this week the RFL sent a friendly warning letter to a few teams, Castleford, Wakefield and Salford who were granted licenses on the basis of plans that have seen very little progress and they also gave Saints and Celtic a little nod too.
But hands up who believes that teams will still get away with submitting proposals for the next round of licensing and still get in, I for one wouldn't be surprised and it's simply not good enough.
If this was something that should have been sorted out when the Super League started why are there still grounds not up to scratch over a decade in?
I really hope the RFL make a stand as I think that will be great for clubs like Widnes and Leigh but I can't see it happening and I can see some clubs getting in with promises and half baked efforts again.

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