Posted by Dave on 6th February 2009

Super League XIV predictions

Super League Trophy
Super League kicks off again tonight, Super League XIV to be exact which if memory serves corrects translates as 14. So we start with three fixtures and along with venturing into fantasy rugby league management this season I’ve also taken up predicting scores at as well.
So using a mixture of pure guess work, my in depth rugby knowledge and consulting some omens I’ve come up with the predictions you can see after the click.

Friday 6th February 2009

Leeds Rhinos v Celtic Crusaders
I’ve gone for Leeds on this one with a rather large margin of 35 – 6. I don’t think Leeds will want to waste anytime getting their campaign off to a good start and getting prepared for the clash with Manly and I think Celtic may find themselves slightly off the pace. But then again they are an unknown quantity and could yet suprise us.
Sunday 7th February 2009

Harlequins v Bradford
24 – 20 to Quins here – I think Quins again will want to make an early statement and they’re one of many teams telling us that they’re in it to win it and not just be fodder for the big teams so expect some hard work from them. It’ll be close and I’d say home advantage may just nick it.
Wigan v Wakefield
18 – 6 to Wigan by nothing other than sheer guess work. I have no idea who will win this but I think Wigan’s home advantage may see them through to a good first week win.
So there you go, more guess work than anything and the scores could be miles out but it’s the actual winners I’m more interested in, so lets see if I can get off to a good start. It’s also likely I won’t get to see much of this weekends action but I will damn well do my best, it’s what happens when you make arrangements in advance without consulting the fixture list properly.
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