Posted by Dave on 9th February 2009

Monday Mastermind Quiz 1

Here we go with another new feature, the Monday Mastermind Quiz. Which is just a little quiz to test your rugby league knowledge and it should be popping up every Monday from now on. I’ll admit I’ve pinched the formula for the quiz from another blog site (I’m not saying which) but hopefully they won’t mind.

For future quizzes your questions and suggestion are welcome, I will try to keep a balance between both hemispheres with the questions and there maybe the odd themed quiz but anyway onwards.
1. Career Path 
Whose playing CV reads Bradford Northern – Wigan – Balmain Tigers – Western Suburbs Magpies – Leeds – Blamain Tigers?
2. Who’s this?
Who is it?
3. Name the team 
name the team
(A clue if you need one, it’s Wembley 1986)
Name the 4 non Australian players named in Melbourne Storm’s 2007 team of the decade?
(Point for each)
Who plays at the Brookvale Oval?
Where was the first rugby league world cup held in 1954?
Click “click for more” for the answers- good luck!

Scroll down for the answers

1. Ellery Hanley
2. Tony Duggan – Celtic Crusaders fullback
3. Castleford
4. Marcus Bai  – Papua New Guinea, David Kidwell – New Zealand, Tawera Nikau – New Zealand, Stephen Kearney – New Zealand
5. Manly-Warringah Sea Eagles
6. France
Anyone get 9 out of 9? Post your scores and comments using the comments below. Any question contributions are welcome just email them to

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