Posted by Dave on 3rd May 2010

Monday Mastermind Quiz XXVII – Magic Weekend

Well I hope you all enjoyed the magic weekend, this weeks quiz (the first for a few weeks I know) is all about it so brush off your hangovers and give it a good bank holiday go. Post your scores in the comments!


1. Where was the first Magic weekend held?

2. Who was the only player to get a hat trick of tries this weekend?

3. Name the teams from this weekends games. (1 point for each)

4. Warrington collected a record points haul at the weekend over Salford – how many points?

5. In the first magic weekend the fixtures were loosely based on derby games. Who did Huddersfield play?

6. Which fixture has been played the most times on a magic weekend?


Answers after the click.

Scroll down for the answers.






















1. Millenium Stadium, Cardiff

2. Ryan Hall for Leeds

3. Bradford Bulls and Crusaders

4. 68

5. Wakefield

6. Wigan v Saints, played 3 times so far.

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