Posted by Dave on 1st March 2010

Monday Mastermind Quiz XXIII – Melbourne Storm

As the reason for this going up late (but still on Monday) is due to the Storm beating Leeds in the World Club Challenge game I thought why not do a quiz themed on the new World club champions.

1. Who's playing CV?

(1999 – present)

Canberra Raiders – Sydney Roosters – Parramata Eels – Melbourne Storm

2. Who's this?

(click to see a bigger picture – and a clue he was named captain of the Storm's team of the decade) 

No name the teams this week

3. How many premierships have the Storm won?

4. What year were the Melbourne Storm founded?

5. What are the two the most popular sports in the city of Melbourne?

6. Including their new home at the Melbourne Rectangular Stadium how many grounds have the Storm used as home stadia? (Point if you can name each)

Scroll down for the answers

























1. Brett Finch

2. Glenn Lazarus (image

3. 3 – 1999, 2007 and 2009

4.1997, their first season was the 1998 season

5. Aussie Rules and Cricket

6. 3, the other two are Olympic Park Stadium and Docklands Stadium

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