Posted by Dave on 9th October 2009

Grand Final Quiz

Well it’s the Super League Grand Final tomorrow and as Matt Gidley, Tony Puletua and Chris Flannery bid to add a Super League Grand Final win to their NRL grand final wins here’s a little teaser from todays paper that you can test your mates on before the game.

So far there are 10 players to win Grand Finals in both the NRL and Super League so come on, name them and who they won with.
Answers after the click.

Scroll down for answers.


Adrian Morley – Sydney Roosters 2002, Bradford 2005
Marcus Bai – Melbourne 1999, Leeds 2004
Ben Harris – Centerbury 2004, Bradford 2005
David Furner – Canberra 1994, Leeds 2004
Daniel Gartner – Manly 1996, Bradford 2001, 2003
Darren Albert – Newcastle 1997, St Helens 2002
Darren Britt – Canterbury 1995, St Helens 2002
Graham Mackay – Penrith 1991, Bradford 2001
Danny Moore – Manly 1996, Wigan 1998
Jason Cayless – Sydney Roosters 2002, St Helens 2006

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