Posted by Dave on 26th August 2009

Monday er Midweek Mastermind Quiz XIX

Well server issues seem to be resolved so if you managed to name all the NRL teams (what you didn’t? really?) here’s this weeks monday mastermind quiz just a tad late and challanged cup themed ahead of this weekends final.

1. Who were the first winners of the cup in the 1896 -1897 season?

2. What is the attendance record for a challange cup final? (ok +-5000)
(Bonus point for each of the teams)

3. Which Non Super League club got the furthest in this years competition?

4. Name the five teams who have won the trophy the most times – 1 point for each.

5. Last years final – name the teams (2 points up for grabs)
name the teams

6. Last one – name this bloke
who is it

13 points to get – click to get the answers – good luck!

Scroll Down for the answers

1. Batley – probably not called the Bulldogs then.
2. Warrington v Bradford replay 1953-1954 season – 102,569 so you can have from 97000 to 107000
3. Gateshead Thunder
4. In order – Wigan, Saints, Leeds, Huddersfield, Widnes
5. Saint Helens and Hull (image
6. Lance Todd, the man who gave his name to the Challange cup final man of the match trophy (image

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