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Monday Mastermind Quiz XV

Number 15 and I wonder how you are all finding the quiz? Any suggestions are welcome, but on with todays quiz.

With another Golden Point result in the Challenge Cup, Warrington beating Hull KR with a drop goal, this weeks quiz's theme is the golden point.

1. Who's playing CV?
(1995 – Present)
Newcastle Knights – Hunter Mariners – Melbourne Storm – Nothern Eagles – Cronulla Sharks – Canterbury Bulldogs
His golden point link? In game 1 of the 2005 Origin Series his pass was intercepted allowing Matthew Bowden  to score and win the game by golden point.
2. Name the player
The first ever golden point scorer in Challange Cup history
who is it
3. Name the player
The second ever golden point scorer in Challange Cup history
who is it?
The Golden point was first used in which year?
Up to and including the Paramatta – South Sydney game on 22nd May 2009 which was decided by golden point, how many NRL games have been decided by the system?
(you can have a point if you're within 2)
In the 2006 Tri Nation series who scored a try in the Australia New Zealand game to win by golden point?
Click "click for more" for the answers, 6 points up for grabs – good luck!

Scroll down for the answers

1. Brett Kimmorley
2. Brent Sherwin – Picture bbc sport
3. Lee Briers – Picture bbc sport
4. 1997 in the Super League tri series game between New South Wales and Queensland
5. 43
6. Darren Lockyer
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