Posted by Dave on 25th May 2009

Monday Mastermind Quiz XIV

A bit of a late posting for the quiz, and I have a rather busy 3 weeks so there won't be too much going onto the site for that time.

1. Whos playing CV?
(2002 – present)
South Sydney Rabbitohs – Paramatta Eels – New Zealand Warriors
2 & 3
I'm being lazy with the pictures again.
Who's the player being tackled?
And which two teams are playing?
(point for each team)
name the player / teams
In what country do Balamand Razorbacks play their rugby?
Ref Jared Maxewell was knocked over this week by a fan during a game between which NRL teams?
(point for each team)
Australia, New Zealand and England top the world rankings, who is number 4? (as of March 2009)
Click "click for more" for the answers, 8 points up for grabs – good luck!

Scroll down for the answers

1. Wade McKinnon
2. Jordan Tanzey
3. Sydney Roosters and Cronulla Sharks (picture from bbc sport)
4. Lebanon
5. Brisbane Broncos and Wests Tigers
6. Fiji
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