Posted by Dave on 27th April 2009

Monday Mastermind Quiz X

Well a little break for you all to get your heads together and we're back for quiz number 10 and in true Sesame street style this quiz is all to do with the number 10!

1. Who's playing CV?
Wakefield – Bradford – Hull KR – York – Huddersfield 
And the number 10 connection? This man was the 10th man to be inducted into the British Rugby League hall of fame in 1989.
2. Who's the number 10 putting in a tackle here for New Zealand?
who is it

3. Name the teams
(One of them is on their way to running in 10 tries earlier this season)
name the teams

Whos wearing number 10 for Saint Helens this season?

This years world cup had 10 teams turning up (well 9 turning up I don't think you can count England as turning up) Anyway I've given you England so a point for each of the other 9 teams.

And in the previous world cup in 2000 who was top try scorer crossing the line 10 times?

Answers after the click 

Scroll down!

15 points up for grabs!

1. Neil Fox
2. Ruben Wiki (image
3. Harlequins and Warrington (image
4. James Graham
5. Australia, New Zealand, France, Scotland, Ireland, Samoa, Tonga, Fiji, Papua New Guinea 
6. Wendal Sailor, Australia

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