Posted by Dave on 7th April 2009

Monday Mastermind Quiz IX

Well the Monday quiz is late as usual, this time I have a different excuse, that apart from the usual drinking shenangins of the weekend involves my car setting alight and me sunbathing on the M3. In an incident entirely seperate from getting drunk of course but still it left me with lots to do on Monday and hence the Tuesday Mastermind Quiz. As it was Challenge cup weekend a Challenge cup there

1. Who's playing CV?
Wigan – Balmain Tigers – London Broncos – Bradford Bulls – London Broncos
– Bonus point, how many times did he win the Challenge Cup?
2. Who's this kicking a goal this weekend in the challenge cup?
who is it?

3. Name the teams
name the teams

What year was the Challenge cup started?

What is the name of the trophy given to the Challenge cup final man of the match?

How many non Super League teams have made it to this year's fifth round?

Answers after the click 

Scroll down!

8 points up for grabs!
1. Shaun Edwards, he won the Challenge Cup a record 9 times.
2. Paul Deacon of Bradford (image
3. Widnes and Wigan (image
4. 1896
5. The Lance Todd Trophy
6. 7

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