Posted by Dave on 16th February 2009

Monday Mastermind Quiz 2

Well here’s week 2 of our quiz. Hope you did well last week, as always suggestions and questions are welcome.

Good luck!
1. Career Path
Who’s playing CV reads
Mt Wellington – Wigan – Cronulla-Sutherland Sharks – Eastern Suburbs Roosters – Cronulla Sutherland Sharks – Widnes?
2. Who’s this?
who is it?
3. Name the teams
name the teams
4. Where are they from?
Which country do Mt Hagen Cowboys play their rugby in?
Who plays at Skilled Park?
Who holds the current record for most international caps in Rugby League?
Answers after the click

Scroll down!

1. New Zealander Kurt Sorenson
2. Patrick Ah Van getting a shave after the Warriors beard growth antics last season (image from image shack)
3. Halifax and Rochdale – oh go on you can have two points if you got Rochdale (total of 3 for the question) (image from flickr)
4. They play in the Papua New Guinea National Rugby League
5. Gold Coast Titans
6. Ruben Wiki with 55
So I make that a total of 8 points to be had, post your scores below.

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