Posted by Dave on 22nd November 2008

New Zealand win the world cup

Well here was me going to write an article yesterday about how New Zealand had no chance and I was thoroughly expecting Australia to step up and win the world cup again. I’m glad I didn’t, I’d look a bit silly now. So even supporting the Kiwi’s I like many other people gave them very little chance of winning but they stepped up yesterday and did the job. 
It was a great game of rugby league and well it was all about New Zealand. They did what had to be done, they manned up in the middle of the park with big hits and hard work from the forwards and they shut down Thurston and Lockyer and Australia’s other creative options. To top it off they also got a fair bit of luck with the bounce of the ball but Australia looked far from the side who have been so dominate all tournament. 

They also got a fair few crucial decisions from the referee’s, I’m not convinced the penalty try should have been given as Billy Slater was in a position to cause some problems, however Monagahn moment of madness taking out Hohaia was either going to give away the six or see him sat on the side for 10 minutes. I don’t think the penalty count was massively in their favour (it may have been I’ll have to check) but they did get a fair few cruicial decisions. 
Still the refs should be praised for a great game and great use of the video ref from Ashley Klein, both to deny a try to Darren Lockyer for a knock on and also to award New Zealand a try when there looked to have been a clear knock on.
Overall I think the result was good to show the world that the Aussies aren’t the invincible all conquering team everyone thought they were and it brought to an end what has been a good tournament for me. Although there is still a way to go to making even three teams competitive for the title with Englands dire performance, let alone a fourth or fifth, still this tournament was a great step forward.
I haven’t read much of the media and fans reactions, I wanted to post this first, so before I head off to do that and find out all the various whinging Aussies excuses about referees and what not, I’ll say congratulations to England who won the fan group world cup. Little consolation for the rubbish performance in the actual world cup I know, and I’ll leave you to watch the kiwis celebrate in the youtube clip above.
Fan Group World Cup Winners – England
England 41 – 13 Australia

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