Posted by Dave on 5th August 2008

Roy Asotasi’s Intricate Beard

For those who missed the Souths –  Warriors game at the weekend you missed a treat in Roy Asotasi's new beard.

The lovingly groomed South's prop was sporting a work of art in itself, and whilst I do like a good beard I'm much more for the gruff rugged beard the likes of which the entire Warriors team seem to be sporting at the moment. I would be left asking the same question the commentators did "How does Roy Asotasi have the time to do that in the morning?"


I've been trying to find some pictures since the game and the best I've managed is a couple of stills from the after game press conference. If anyone has any better pictures please email them in.

You can view the press conference on South Sydney TV online at–Reports/Live-Scores-Rabbitohs-vs-Warriors.html (link opens in a new window).


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