Posted by Dave on 11th August 2008

Sonny Bill plays for Toulon

Sonny Bill Williams made his debut for French side Toulon in the face of an Australian court order from NRL side Canterbury Bulldogs. Despite the conseqeunces to be faced for his actions Williams is willing to play and willing to go to jail for his actions. Making his sentiments clear Williams has also voiced his hope to force his way into the All Blacks team for the 2011 World Cup.

A news article below covers Williams debut in a friendly with Carque-Hyeres in which he recieved a yellow card after 10 mintues for a shoulder barge. A good young player I’m sure Williams will do well in rugby union and no doubt adapt well to the game.

With a lot of people probably more disgruntled about the way he has walked out mid-contract on the Bulldogs you’ll find few people hard pushed to begrudge somebody leaving for such a massive pay packet. You can see plenty of Williams opinions in the three part interview below from the Footy Show.


With Mark Gasnier heading the same way and Williams voicing concern over the way Rugby Leauge is just a business treating players “like cattle” does this uncover a greater problem of the NRL and Super League not being able to keep up with the massive pay packets offered European Rugby Union. Having personally played both it will probably never happen that players will not move between codes but do the NRL need to get worried and start taking notice? I think it is still along way off some doom mongers exodus of players.

Still I rememer the good old days of the likes of Chris Radlinksi saying no to a move to Union despite some good money on the table and it’s sad that Williams has generally gone about it all the wrong way and could have left with the best wishes of the Bulldogs support.

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